by D2006, 2009-08-10

The page grows ...
I'm happy to present you some news about our projects and our page:

ChaosConsole is a helpful tool for programing with BlitzMax and CocoaExt extends MaxGUI with a bunch of Cocoa-Features of MacOS.

Our page provides from now on a command reference for modules, which will be filled step by step in the next weeks. Additionally all projects can have an extra gallery page for even more screenshots to show well aranged.
More news in the archive ...

About us
Chaos Interactive is a small group of hobby programmers, who have much fun with developing games and little applications. On this website we want to show the fruits of our work. We are seven people, consisting of D2006, d-bug, YellowRider, hamZta, BladeRunner, Hyde and Noobody. And all of us are hoping that you enjoy it to comb through our webpages!